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Size Bust Waist Hip
0 32 24.5 36
2 33 25.5 37
4 34 26.5 38
6 35 27.5 39
8 36.5 28 40.5
10 38.5 30 42.5
12 40.5 32 44.5
* The Size Guide serves as a general guideline for helping you find your size in Ref. Exact measurements vary with each style.

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We know you're over planning the damn seating chart - now it's time for the good stuff. The dress. The Constance Dress is just a really killer crepe gown that you'll want to wear everyday, but it also happens that you can get married in it too. You'll feel like a princess without looking like a cupcake, so it works out. It drapes off the shoulder with a sweetheart neckline, has a fitted waist, and the skirt can really move. There's a hook/zip closure and some elastic in the back so you'll feel secure and look amazing. Planning is hell - the dress should be the easy part. Made from surplus silk blend.

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This is made from deadstock materials. Every season, thousands of yards of fabric go to waste from fashion houses that over-ordered. The textile industry is one of the most chemically dependent industries on earth and the #2 polluter of clean water. We're trying to lessen the blow by using fabric that already exists, because we heart dolphins.


Carbon dioxide savings 0 lbs. Water savings 0 gal.

We track what impact each of our garments have on the environment.

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