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Size Natural Waist Low Waist Hip
23 22.5 29 35.75
24 23.5 30 36.75
25 24.5 31 37.75
26 25.5 32 38.75
27 26.5 33 39.75
28 27.5 34 40.75
29 28.5 35 41.75
30 30 36.5 43.25
31 31.5 38 44.75
* The Size Guide serves as a general guideline for helping you find your size in Ref. Exact measurements vary with each style.

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It's a real power move to wear mom jeans. It says "I know I'm a babe and don't need skin-tight jeans to prove it". The Mom Jean is a vintage Levi's 550 jean that we hand pick and show a lot of love to. The fit is high waisted, loose in the hips and tapered at the leg. Cuz you're a hot mama and you know it. Each pair will fit a little different due to fabric, climate and age. We recommend you order a few pairs and keep the perfect one for your body. Color and pattern may also vary on this style, so no two pairs are exactly alike.

  • - Inseam: 31-35" (assorted vintage)
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This is made from repurposed vintage denim. Making a typical pair of jeans requires almost 920 gallons of water, 400 megajoules of energy and expells 32 kilograms of carbon dioxide. That's the equivalent to running a garden hose for 106 minutes, driving a car 78 miles and powering a computer for 556 hours. Problems.


Carbon dioxide savings 0 lbs. Water savings 0 gal.

We track what impact each of our garments have on the environment.

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