Na Nin Custom Gift Set


This is a two piece gift with incense cones and a fragrance. The incense are hand dipped in premium fragrances and exotic essential oils. Each box consists of 26 1" incense cones. Signature fragrance in 10ml travel size glass atomizer. Farewell is a country, floral scent. Blended notes of rose, geranium, basil & lavender. NA NIN began in 2009 by Kate Jennings as a vintage clothing line. In the recent year Kate has ventured into making fragrances and collaborating with other designers as well as offering selected designs from makers all over. The main goal with NA NIN is to provide a positive and creative space focusing on supporting other small businesses and showcasing their work. Na Nin was inspired by a year of living in South Korea where Kate befriended a gal that would teach her Korean by writing Korean words in English phonetics so that Kate would understand how to pronounce Korean words correctly - "Na Nin" was one of the first things her friend wrote in a sentence that translated to "I am" - the moments of kindness given from this friend to Kate inspired her not just in life but in her business model; to focus on the importance of kindness and to support others.

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