Soko Paddle Earrings


Somebody's fancy. These are 100% brass earrings with a hoop and paddle detail.Soko was created by women for women to help "fashion a better world" through the equitable direct trade of beautiful goods between artisans in the developing world and web consumers worldwide. Working in bottom of the pyramid communities around the world, the founders realized that by leveraging technology and existing infrastructure in an innovative way, they could create a platform to enable any talented artisan to participate in international trade. Recognizing a global need, as well as global opportunity, to disrupt these systemic patterns of poverty found across the developing world's creative economy, Soko was founded in 2012. Measurements: Sheet gauge: 0.5 cm thickness Inner diameter: 2.5 cm Width of the curve: 1.36 cm Length measured across the curve: 3.7 cm

  • Brass
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Larger View of Product
Larger View of Product
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