Reformation x Hemster

Make your Ref

Reformation × Hemster

Together with Hemster, we’re excited to offer free hemming and repairs on our stuff. Great news for you. Sorry to your tailor.

How it works

You can get your Ref stuff hemmed or repaired in all U.S. stores.

1.  Visit one of our participating stores.
Let a member of our store team know you’d like to “Hemster” one of your Ref garments. Just make sure you have your original Reformation email receipt or order number available.

2. Our store team will take it from here.
You’ll try on your garments and the store team will note your measurements. They will also ask you for your preferred shipping address to send your garment(s) once completed. Completed garments can also be sent back to a Reformation store if preferable.

We’ll then send your garment(s) to Hemster for alteration.

3. Wear it forever.
You’ll get your stuff back within 2-3 weeks. Go out there and get complimented.

What it includes

Ref x Hemster covers basic alterations like length and sleeve hemming, and strap adjustments.* Additional information on repairs can be found here.

*Once altered, garments cannot be returned. If you are unsatisfied with your finished garment, contact us at for assistance. Exclusions include leather, sequins, loom knits, and other unique finishings. Final-sale merchandise purchased during sale periods is not eligible for alteration. Service available in all U.S. stores with the exception of pop-ups and our Cabazon Outlet.