Wide Leg Jeans

Sustainable wide leg jeans. If you must wear pants.

Sustainable wide leg jeans. If you must wear pants.

Give your legs some space with wide leg jeans from Reformation.

Wide leg Ref Jeans are usually fitted throughout the hip with a wide (duh), ankle length or cropped leg length. Which is basically just a way of saying they have a pretty flattering fit. Pick from high rise, super high rise, super wide leg, rigid, stretch, dark, light, white, or colored wide leg jeans. You can wear them with knits or bodysuits, but we can't tell you how to get dressed every day. If you want something besides wide leg jeans, look at our full Ref Jeans collection. Don't forget to wear shoes.

How are Ref Jeans wide leg jeans made sustainably?

Most of our women's wide leg jeans are made in sustainable factories in Los Angeles and Turkey. Our goal is to reduce water usage, CO2 emissions, and to save fabric waste. If you're curious, find out even more about how we put sustainability at the core of everything we do.