Let's make masks

Let’s make masks

COVID-19 is spreading rampantly around the world and we want to do what we can to help.

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How do I make sure my non-medical fabric mask is most effective?
A lot of the effectiveness of these masks depends on how you wear it! Wash your hands before putting on your mask and after removing it. Make sure the mask fits snug on your face without any gaps. Tie or adjust the strap if needed. It’s still best practice to not touch your face when wearing this or other masks. Try not to mess with it once it’s on.

Are there any differences between the effectiveness of all masks available on the site?

No, the only difference between the masks is you get to choose your print when you purchase a 1x Mask. All masks are designed with the same specifications from Kaiser Permanente and use the same materials.

Why are 1x Masks more expensive than the 5x Masks–LA Protects?

Since we don’t make a profit on the masks we’re making with LA Protects, we’ve decided to also make for-profit masks. The profit per mask will be about $5, and it’ll help ensure that we can retain jobs and not compromise the livelihood of our employees, including our retail and factory teams. We’ve always been focused on making sure that we’re profitable because profitability means we can continue to invest in our people and put sustainability at the core of everything we do.

I want to make my masks—what materials should I use?

There aren’t super clear standards for non-medical fabric masks, and the efficacy of some materials versus others. We found this Cambridge study helpful, which is summarized here. We are following the Kaiser Permanente recommendation to use 100% cotton or natural fiber 
fabrics (or majority blends), 6-8 oz weight. And have found that 2-ply wovens are best.

What is best—ties or elastic?

It’s a preference thing. Ties are most flexible to adjust size and fit of the mask, but are not as easy to work with. Elastic may be faster to put on and more comfortable for some people. We are using ties because most elastic has latex, and we want to make sure our masks are safe for those with latex allergies.

I have masks I want to donate—who should I work with?

LA Protects main goal is to connect producers of non-medical masks with buyers. For donations, you can contact us at together@thereformation.com and we can link you up directly to the City to ID donation partners, or we recommend you reach out to nonprofits still operating in your community and give directly.

I am a nonprofit and need masks donated—can you help?

We’re making sure all of our mask donations go to nonprofits serving the unhoused or more vulnerable in Los Angeles to start, but want to understand the needs to ID partners as our donation volume builds. Contact us at together@thereformation.com with your contact info, the organization, and how many masks you need and we’ll get back to you ASAP if we can help.

How do I wear the mask?

Here’s what we recommend for wearing your mask:

  • Keep the pleats down
  • Be sure the mask covers your nose 
  • The top ties go over your ears, fit to your liking
  • The bottom ties go around the neck, also fit to your liking
  • The tag helps you keep track of which side is clean vs. dirty
Have other questions?

Let us know at makemasks@thereformation.com and we’ll keep adding to this page.

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