Climate Positive

Our stuff has been carbon, water, and waste neutral since 2015, but it’s no longer enough just to be neutral. Climate scientists say that once global average temperatures increase above 1.5 degrees Celsius we are pretty much f*cked. But there’s still time to fix this mess.

The fashion industry is responsible for up to 10% of global carbon emissions and needs to nearly halve its emissions total by 2030 to prevent severe climate change impacts. But instead, the industry is on track to double emissions by 2050.

The reality is that we all need to do a lot more.

We’ll be climate positive by 2025
We’ll be climate
positive by 2025

Starting right now, we’re getting even more serious about reducing our carbon footprint and investing in solutions that remove more greenhouse gasses than we emit. We’ll have to change our business in all kinds of ways, from how our clothes are made to how they end up in your closet, and every step in between. And while we might not know exactly how to pull it all off just yet, here’s how we’re getting started.

Turning it up a notch

Since we are already carbon neutral, even small changes will actually make us climate positive in 2021. But there is no single standard or measure for this stuff yet. So we want to set the bar high. It shouldn’t just be about buying offsets to get to climate positivity. We need to do this the right way—by both reducing our carbon footprint and also driving climate action in our supply chain. We will start right away, but we won’t consider ourselves legit until we achieve the bigger picture stuff, which we think is going to take us until 2025.

climate positive

We’re sharing our climate positive roadmap because we want to provide resources to any business interested in taking immediate climate action. ​​We don’t have all the answers, but we’re sharing what we’ve learned so far, and will continue to do so as we make progress. Shoot us a note at if you’re interested in getting involved.

And as always, we’ll keep you all in the loop with our Quarterly Sustainability Report updates.

Let’s make David Attenborough proud.