Soft and sustainable.

Soft and sustainable.

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Stay cozy.

Bundle up with a sweater from Reformation. Maybe you want a slouchy sweater for wearing around the house or a cozy cardigan for lounging. Filter by size, fabric, and price to find whatever you need. We make sustainable sweaters and sweatshirts in various fabrics, such as TENCEL™ Lyocell, organic cotton, knit blends, and more. Also, you probably need a new dress or jeans to go with your new sweater, or maybe something casual from the full Ref Jeans collection. Stay toasty. We’re just happy to know you’re warm and cozy out there.

How are Reformation sweaters made sustainably?

We put sustainability at our core, especially for sweaters and sweatshirts. Good to the Earth, and still stylish. Find out even more about our sustainable practices and sustainable factories. Made in Los Angeles, China, across the USA, and in factories around the globe, our comfy and cute sweaters are manufactured in a process that reduces carbon dioxide emissions, saves water, and helps reduce waste overall. Cool.