Shoes are complex and made up of lots of different materials, so they’re usually pretty tough to recycle. We’re big on taking responsibility for stuff we make, so we partnered with Looptworks to create a first-of-its-kind takeback program that gives your old shoes a new purpose.

Give us your Ref shoes and we’ll give you $25 off your next purchase–because we think it’s nice to help your old stuff move on. Also because it helps cut waste, promotes circularity, and helps us recycle 100% of Ref Shoes.

How it works

Bring your shoes to any US Ref retail location. Once you drop them off, a sales associate will email you a promo code.

Shopping in-store: Just give the sales associate your name and/or email address and they’ll help you redeem your promo at the time of purchase.

Shopping online: Apply the promo code at checkout.


Can I recycle ALL Ref Shoes?

Our new program is focused on recycling Ref Shoes 2.0, AKA– any shoes launched after April 2021. While we have solutions to recycle our first edition of shoes, we designed our latest launch with specific materials and components to ensure a higher quality end use.

Can I recycle shoes that aren’t made by Reformation? Why not?

Unfortunately, no. Not all shoes are created equal. We designed our Ref 2.0 shoes with their end of life in mind.

What are my Ref Shoes getting recycled into?

The footwear you bring back is repurposed into a variety of different products. Most are primarily related to building materials and infrastructure purposes, like flooring mats and parking bumpers. As we progress further in our process we will keep you updated for any interesting circularity pilots.

Are my shoes being downcycled, recycled, or upcycled?

Recycling is an umbrella term. Under the umbrella is down and upcycling. Technically the materials are separated into second life products that have less value than the first footwear product, so this is downcycling. As we develop material pipelines for all of our componentry, we hope to shift to upcycling or getting these materials back into our shoe supply chain.

Why should I recycle my shoes?

Most of the shoes made each year end up in a landfill or incinerator because there aren’t enough ways to recycle them. Discarded shoes take forever to break down, and leave behind plastic, heavy metals, and other toxic chemicals while they do it. We’re big on taking care of your stuff and finding ways to make it last longer, or keeping it in circulation through resale or donation. But once your shoes have really reached the end of their life, the materials they’re made of can still be used to create something else. We made Ref Shoes 2.0 from high-value stuff that’s meant to be recycled, so we can keep materials out of landfills and in use for as long as possible.

What if I don’t live near a store, what can I do?

We plan to launch a broader takeback program in Spring 2022 that will be available to all US and Canadian customers. For now, either hold on to your well-loved shoes or we can provide you with the nearest retail store location’s address and you may send your shoes directly there. Unfortunately, we cannot cover postage/shipping at this time.