Ref timeline

January, 2009

Reformation is founded by Yael Aflalo, who starts by retailoring vintage clothing in the back of our first store on La Brea in Los Angeles. We quickly expand into making our own, new stuff with a mission of bringing sustainable fashion to everyone. WMagazine (4.28.17)

March, 2013

Our website launches, bringing our clothes worldwide.

October, 2013

We open America’s first sustainable factory in downtown Los Angeles. Check out our factory.

April, 2015

We introduce RefScale to track our environmental footprint. It calculates how the impact of producing Ref stuff compares with most clothes bought in the United States. ELLE (4.22.15)

July, 2015

Our resale program, Ref Recycling, opens the door for customers to get in on circularity. PS: You can still recycle your old stuff with us.

April, 2017

We make our progress public with our first ever Sustainability Report. Check out our most recent updates here.

April, 2017

Our debut Bridal line drops, making weddings a little more sustainable and a lot cuter. Repeller (4.20.17)

October, 2017

We make Ref Jeans, our water-saving denim. With the help of the BEF, we also restore 40 million gallons of freshwater to critically dewatered rivers and wetlands throughout the US. Forbes (10.12.17)

December, 2017

We create technology that puts all the best parts of online shopping in a store. Customizable lighting, whatever music you want, and magical dressing rooms that bring you any clothes you want just by touching a screen. Basically the Clueless closet come to life. The Cut (12.1.17)

May, 2019

We make shoes that use earth-friendly stuff like chrome-free leather and jute, and save an average of 52% CO2 emissions, 70% water, and 65% waste compared to average shoes. ELLE (5.9.19)

July, 2019

We go abroad, opening stores in Toronto and London. Vogue (09.13.19)

July, 2019

We team up with Permira to grow our business. NYTimes (7.10.19)

October, 2019

New Balance helps us make the sustainable dad shoes of your dreams. Refinery29 (10.3.19) 

February, 2020

Our twentieth store opens in Austin, Texas.

March, 2020

We partner with the city of LA to make masks for essential workers during the COVID-19 outbreak, and donate over 300,000 masks to hospitals, shelters, and nonprofits. We’re still going. ELLE (3.37.20)

November, 2020

We get even more serious about reducing our carbon footprint and commit to reaching climate positivity by 2025. This means investing in solutions that remove more greenhouse gasses than we emit, driving climate action throughout our supply chain, and making our roadmap public so others can follow suit. Inc (12.8.20)

March, 2021

We launch our whatever-you-consider-active-wear line, Ref Active. Bustle (3.2.21)

March, 2021

FibreTrace helps us make fully traceable denim from the world’s first climate positive cotton farm in Australia. WWD (3.16.21)

April, 2021

Our stuff has been 100% carbon-neutral since 2015, but we work with the non-profit organization Climate Neutral to get our official certification.