Sustainable travel

Sky miles

Carry on and pack light
Packing light enough to carry on your luggage keeps the weight of the plane lighter, which helps with CO2 emissions. We should all probably consider walking around with less baggage anyway.

Take a direct flight
If you can, try to book a direct flight. Avoiding any extra take-offs and landings helps keep the CO2 emissions down. And it’s just less airport time in general.

Offset your flight with Ref Climate Credits
Flying is a pretty big driver of CO2 emissions. Good news: we’ve made it super easy to offset flying with Climate Credits. A helpful option if you hate flying and like to pretend it never happened.
Packing list

Reef-friendly sunscreen
Some chemicals in sunscreen—oxybenzone or octinoxate—have been found to wash off and cause damage to coral reefs. Look for sunscreens with natural mineral ingredients aka titanium oxide and zinc oxide, so you don’t burn or hurt nature. Win-win.

Bring your own hair & body products
Another quick way to reduce waste during your trip is to bring your own reusable travel-size containers. And then you don’t have to worry about not liking what the hotel has provided, which can obviously derail everything.
Gimme shelter

LEED certified
If you’re in the US, look for LEED certified hotels, which means they’ve been judged on things like water savings, energy efficiency, and material selection. Doesn’t include if they leave mints on pillows.

Home sharing
It might sound weird but staying in a stranger’s home is often better than not when traveling. Home sharing can result in significant energy, water, and waste savings compared to resource intensive hotels.

Don’t get new towels every day
Hang up your towels after each use, you know, like you do when you’re not on vacation.
Getting around

Use public transit, bike or walk
Because there’s nothing more enjoyable than driving in a new location with unfamiliar streets and routes. Jk, it’s terrible. Use public transit, bike or walk to help the planet and avoid getting in an irreparable fight with your travel buddies.
All the meals

Ocean-friendly dining
Use this site to see if you can find a local, sustainable restaurant and then try agreeing on a spot with your travel buddy.
And oh - we wouldn’t be Ref if we didn’t tell you what sustainable things to pack